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Claims FAQ

Death Claim

Why is Nomination Important?

If the nominee is registered in the application form or anytime of policy term, it is easier for the Insurance Company to pay the claim to the nominee. You can change the nominee anytime during the policy term.

How do I inform about a death claim under a policy?

You can use any of the following channels to inform us:

  1. Email -
  2. 18602669966 (local charges apply)
  3. Walk into any of the TALIC branch offices
  4. Write directly to us at:

The Claims Department,
Tata AIA Life Insurance Company Limited
B- wing, 9th Floor,
I-Think Techno Campus,
Behind TCS, Pokhran Road No.2,
Close to Eastern Express Highway,
Thane(West) – 400 607.
IRDA Regn No. 110

How will the claim be paid?

The claim amount will be paid through an elctronic bank transfer (like NEFT / RTGS).

Whom should I contact if I need any help during claim process?

You can call up on the 18602669966 (local charges apply) or send an email to to know the status of the claim or for any assistance required

What is non-disclosure and how would it affect during claim stage?

It refers to the situation where a Policyholder answers incorrect deatils or does not disclose material information at the time of application or reinstatement policy. At the claims stage if it is detected/found that the statements made at the time of application/reinstatement the policy were false, the claim may be rejected.

To whom will the death claim be paid?

The death benefit is paid to:

  1. The nominee, as declared by the policyholder
  2. The legal heirs, in case the policyholder has not specified the nominee
  3. The appointee named by the policyholder when the nominee is a minor at the time of claim
  4. The assignee, in case the policy is assigned by the policyholder

Why is a claim rejected or declined?

If at the time of claim it is established that there had been a material suppression or misstatement of facts pertaining to the information in Application / Revival form, which would have impacted our decision to issue / revive the policy, then it may lead to rejection of the claim. If the documents submitted at the application/claims stage are not genuine or proved forged, it would lead to claim rejection.

Where can the case be presented in the event of a Claim Grievance?

BIf you are not satisfied with the claims decision, we have a Grievance Redressal mechanism where you can contact us. For details please log onto (Customerservice Grievance Redressal).

What are the IRDA regulations pertaining to Claims?

The IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) guidelines state that a claim will have to be paid within 30 days from the date of receipt of all claim documents. In case the claim warrants an investigation, then the insurance company has to complete the investigation not later than 6 months from the time of making the claim. Moreover, if a claim is ready for payment but the payment cannot be made because of conflicts or insufficiency of proof of title, then the insurer may apply to pay the amount into the Court, or, such an amount will earn interest at the prevalent rate applicable to a savings bank account.

Health/Living Claims

How do I make a Health/Living claim?

You can do it either through Cashless Process or through non-Cashless method. For Cashless facility please refer to the FAQ on Cashless.

For normal processing of Health/Living Claim, once the patient suffers from any illness/undergoes a surgery/ is hospitalized and is under treatment - claim can be made to the company with all the details of hospitalization. Once the patient is discharged all the medical papers including Discharge Summary, all diagnostic test reports and treatment papers need to be submitted to the company along with the list of requirements specified as per Claim type.

Cashless Claims

Which Tata AIA Life products are offered under Cashless Hospitalization?

Currently Cashless Hospitalization is available under Tata AIA Life InvestAssure Health, Tata AIA Life Health First and Tata AIA Life Hospi CashBack.

How can I avail Cashless facility?

The duly filled & signed pre-authorization form along with photo ID proof & cashless card needs to be faxed from hospital to TPA. Cashless amount will be approved by TPA to the hospital basis the policy provisions.

Do I need to pay anything?

Cashless provided will be provided as per policy terms & conditions. The difference between the approved Cashless claim amount & balance bill amount needs to be paid by the customer.

Whom do I contact?

You can call up Raksha TPA on the toll free numbers given on the health card.

For more details on Cashless facility please Click here
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