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When it’s time to sit back and enjoy quality time with your loved ones, you do not want to be worried about day-to-day expenses. As age advances so do associated medical expenses and all these anticipated, as well as unforeseen expenses, eat into precious savings.

You need not worry about these sudden expenses. Our assistance team makes it very convenient for you to avail the services at your doorstep – whenever you want.

With the right plan, you can make the most of your post-retirement years with the added confidence of complete financial security.

“Save money and avail tax benefits at the same time”
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Here is what our expert financial advisors
say about planning ahead

Emotional Experience. Thanks to Tata AIA Life for giving me support to take care of my family after my husband. I feel like a family here and feels connected anywhere across TALIC. TALIC has helped me in fulfilling my dreams.

Shachi Sharma Mumbai

Had a long & excellent journey with TALIC. Believe in yourself and your organisation, rest will be taken care. Also as a senior citizen, happy to work here.

Pradeep Kumar Murarka Mumbai

13 years of experience. Always achieved the set road maps.
Great platform for exposure and career growth.
Travelling outside country has come true because of TALIC.
4 yrs- MDRT & COT
Completed 25 conventions.

Kantubhai Chhanabhai Rathod Mumbai


TATA AIA Life Insurance wins the prestigious
Risk Management 2016

Golden Peacock Award for Risk Management
  • Highest complaint resolve ratio 0.28

  • Convience at your doorstep

  • Online Consumer Portal for your convience