Claims List of Requirements Hospitalization & Critical Illness Claim

Hospitalization & Critical Illness Claim

All follow-up Consultation Notes in relation to the hospitalized condition.

If hospitalisation is due to accidental causes (submit in addition to the above)
  • Reason for delay in intimation.
  • All police reports / First Information Report & Final Investigation Report
  • Proof of accident - Panchnama / Inquest report
  • Newspaper cutting / Photographs of the accident - if available.
Please Note:
  • Please submit copies of the following documents certified / attested by the issuing authority. ( Original Seen Verified (OSV) by Branch Personnel will also be accepted) -
    1. All Police papers – Panchnama, Inquest, First Information Report and Final Investigation Report
    2. Medical Records (Admission Notes, Discharge/Death Summary, Indoor Case Papers, Test Reports etc)
  • Copies of the other documents to be submitted by self attestation of the claimant
  • In case the claim warrants any additional requirement, TALIC reserves the right to call for the same.
  • Notification of claim & submission of the claim requirements does not mean admission of the claim liability by the Company.
  • No agent is authorized to admit any liabilities on behalf of the Company, nor to alter this list of documents or any claims requirements called for by the Company.
Claims Service Guarantee